International Class

Each year dozens of children come with their families from abroad to live in Leiden. It is essential for their future in the Netherlands that they acquire a good and fluent command of the Dutch Language. De Singel plays a key role in helping these children learn Dutch.

Children who are 12 years and younger attend the primary school. In Leiden there are a lot of primary schools from which parents can choose. De Singel is one of the schools that is specially equipped to teach foreign children. Children who are 4 years and older and who do not yet speak Dutch, can receive the education that they need at De Singel.

What is an international class?
An international class is a special class in an ordinary primary school: the NT2 class (Nederlands als 2e Taal = Dutch as a Second Language) Within a mixed year group class, children from 6 – 12 years old are taught how to speak, read and write in Dutch. The children follow this progamme for one year. When this is completed they can participate in the regular Dutch educational system. The children who have followed this programme can stay on at De Singel to continue their education within the Dutch curriculum. They will have had a year to build up a relationship with teachers and other children at the school so should be able to make the transition comfortably. It is of course also possible for parents to choose another Dutch Primary school for their child.

You can find more information about the Dutch schoolsystem at this link of the Expat Centre Leiden Region.

Call the school for more information:  071- 5218471
Ask for the director Evi van der Meer